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 Shoreland Montessori

Home-Based Learning

We offer live, online small-group lessons for students in grades 1-6, support families in obtaining affordable materials for their home environment, and partner with at-home adults to provide an exceptional learning experience for their children.  Our educational offerings may be coordinated with another Montessori or traditional school program or be used as an integral part of a homeschooling program.     

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From Our Families:

"My son always looks forward to book club. The conversations are lively and engaging while also being instructive. He's continued using the methods he's learned even when reading graphic novels and comic books, making note of the characters, settings and vocabulary he finds interesting. The routine of meeting twice a week has also helped provide stability during an otherwise hectic summer"

Pam, parent of a 3rd grader

"My son is enjoying Kari's math lessons immensely.  We live in Argentina and he was not happy with his virtual (due to COVID) math lessons in his current school; he was uninterested and bored.  Working with Kari and the Montessori materials has made him enjoy math again. He is happy and confident at the end of every lesson.  

Astrid, parent of a 5th grader

"My son was very engaged during Kari's book club sessions -- the discussions were lively but focussed and really had him thinking about character and word choices."

Rachel, parent of a 4th grader

"Reading club helped to continue to foster my daughter's love of reading in a safe, familiar environment. The books the club suggested were ones my daughter has grown to love, and the activities have helped her to grow and develop her confidence as an independent reader." 

Sailaja, parent of a 2nd grader

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