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About Montessori

Montessori is an educational approach that supports children’s natural development, teaching them skills and providing support to help them reach their full potential in life.
Children are motivated, independent learners who have the freedom to engage in and to influence their own learning experience.  
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Montessori at Home

Maria Montessori believed that there are three essential components for exceptional learning – the child, the environment and the Montessori guide.  For children learning in home-based environment, another component is added – the at-home adult.  We partner with families to ensure that all of these elements are strong and interconnected for the best experience for our students.

Classroom-Based Montessori
Home-Based Montessori
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The Child

Elementary children (ages 6-12) are characterized by their curious minds, with their intellect based on both reasoning and imagination.  They are morally and socially driven, have the desire to work with others, to address issues of justice and to engage in meaningful work. 


The Environment

Montessori environments are carefully prepared for child-centered learning.  Appropriate work spaces and scientifically-designed materials combined with careful observation and guidance provide the foundation for a Montessori education.  Beautiful, supportive, and developmentally appropriate Montessori environments can be created in the home through close collaboration of the Montessori guide and the at-home adult.    


The Montessori Guide

The Montessori guide understands child development and acts as an aide to help children find their own natural path. The guide creates a hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, and joyful learning experience through carefully planned lessons that inspire the children to further investigations and through close observation of the children's follow-up work.

Montessori Guide

The At-Home Adult

At-home learning requires close collaboration between the Montessori guide and the at-home adult.  In a classroom environment, the Montessori guide provides the link between the child and the environment. In a home-based learning environment, it must be both adults working together to make sure this link is established.  

Helping a Student
At-Home Adult
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