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Montessori Materials

One of the most visible signs of the Montessori approach to education are the materials used.  Beautifully designed and precisely manufactured, the same materials are used in Montessori classrooms throughout the world.  It is through the materials that the students work from the concrete to the abstract in the different subject areas.

A Montessori home environment, too, should contain beautiful materials.  But, rather than prescribing the purchase of new materials from Montessori manufacturers, we work together with families to find or hand-make cost-effective options for these materials that are fundamental to a Montessori education.


Math and Geometry

Although our lessons are online, it is extremely important that children manipulate real materials when doing the follow-up work between lessons.  It is through the concrete, hands-on materials that children truly understand fundamental concepts in math and geometry. 


We work with families to keep the costs of materials affordable, often by instructing them in creating homemade materials.   In most cases, the children will create the materials themselves, with instructions given during the lessons.  In some cases, adult help will be needed.

Squares and Cubes.HEIC

Book Clubs

The students within a Book Club group together select the book to read from a preselected collection of books at the group's reading level.  Books are curated to represent characters of different cultural, linguistic and ability groups and to present a diversity of themes relevant to elementary students.  


Families are responsible for obtaining the book for their child to read.      

Pencil Colors

Writers' Circles

Materials needed for Writers' Circles include paper, pencils and colored pencils or other art supplies for illustrations.  

As the group progresses in their writing, other features of beautiful writing may be introduced, such as calligraphy, decorating margins and illumination.  We will work closely with families to obtain the needed supplies.

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